About us

At Sapphire, flavor is more than just a means to an end when it comes to creating food and beverage items.

For our team, it’s not just a matter of designing products that taste great, but crafting items that take buyers on a journey. From quality coffee flavors that bring to life the casual atmosphere of a Parisian café or the vibrancy of a Mediterranean marketplace, Sapphire seeks to bring the Old World to life through the use of high quality, impactful flavor ingredients that can be used in a variety of applications.

When Sapphire set out to create the flavors that we would provide to our customers, providing something more than the typical flavor experience was always at the forefront of our ambitions. From the very simple to the incredibly complex, we wanted our flavors to have an artesian feel. Quite simply put, we create flavors with quality and complexity, that will make every customer who experiences them feel as if that product were created precisely for them, their tastes, and their needs.

To make this possible, we spent a lot of time exploring flavors and flavor experiences from around the world in order to create the flavor ingredients that we would provide to our customers. One thing that we learned through our exploration was the true impact of the unique qualities of these artisan flavors, produced through traditions that have been passed hand-to-hand by master craftsmen over the centuries. There’s just something special about flavors that have been produced in this traditional manner, and from products such as coffee and tea to rich berry flavors, cream flavors, buttery flavors, and much more, we have made it our mission to replicate the artisan process in our flavor production as much as possible.

One way that we have done this is by replicating the artisan craftsmanship process in our own flavor production. For example, we have endeavored to ensure that we use only the finest materials possible in the creation of our flavor ingredients through a process of vertical integration with raw material suppliers and manufacturers. Just as artisan foods in the old word benefit from a direct chain of command from the moment they are grown in the field to the moment they end up on consumers’ tables, our flavor ingredients benefit from this vertical integration process, which ensures that we at Sapphire know exactly where our materials are coming from and can ensure that they are of the best possible quality for our customers.

Even though we produce flavors on the larger scale, we want every customer who works with Sapphire to have the experience of working with a master in their craft to produce incredible, high-quality flavor ingredients. That’s another thing that we’ve learned from our exploration of flavor production throughout the old world. We have seen first-hand the importance of the hand-crafted flavor process, and have sought to bring those same processes straight into our flavor labs, where our own brand of craftsman work to meet all of your flavor needs, from sweet to savory (and everything in between). Rest assured that by working with Sapphire for your flavor creation needs, you are benefiting not only from the years of experience that our team has in flavor creation, but in the centuries of experience that artisans have the world over with creating flavors that are specially crafted to invigorate the senses of those who enjoy quality foods and beverages.

Ready to learn more? The team at Sapphire is excited to start the process of designing flavors to meet your individual food and beverage production needs. Contact our team for more information about the incredible range of flavors that we can provide and soon you too can take advantage of superior craftsmanship and incredible flavor design.