A spirit created through the distillation of wine, brandy has innumerable uses in the flavor industry. From creating other delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to creating savory sauces and incredible confectionary treats, the flavor of brandy features prominently in a number of classic recipes. In addition to that, the body and breadth of brandy also make it perfect for the creation of brand new flavors. When looking to work with the flavor of brandy, a high quality ingredient that recreates its complex and sophisticated flavor can be the perfect way to go for a cost-effective and delicious solution.

In savory food products, brandy can feature in any of a number of different sauces. It pairs well with many different types of meats as well as vegetable dishes. Additionally, the flavor of brandy can be the perfect component for adding body to a soup or stew.

Brandy is often used in sauces for desserts. It can be used to create a complex and delicious sauce for ice creams and other frozen treats. The flavor of brandy is also often used for the cream liqueur filled centers of numerous types of confectionary products.