Not only do candles release a wonderful aroma into the air, but they also help to create ambiance and a pleasant atmosphere where they are placed, whether that’s a backyard, a living room, or even a restaurant.

Candles are available in a number of different scents and sizes. Many candles have scents designed to meet particular themes – this is especially true of seasonal scents, such as those used to celebrate the harvest season or the holidays. Pumpkin pie and Christmas tree scents are just a couple of examples.

Clean linen is popular year-round, and is well liked for having a fresh aroma that is unisex and perfect for virtually any household. Floral scents are also popular for use in scented candles. There are also candles that use scents that utilize the principles of aromatherapy in their design in order to create pleasant atmospheres. Lavender and Eucalyptus are great examples of these.