Chocolate Liquid Extract

Like cocoa liquid extract, chocolate liquid extract can add a chocolate flavor to your food or beverage item with less fat and sugar than the item the extract was derived from.

The extract provides a strong flavor better than that of chocolate powder, so it is easier to store because of its high concentration. It can be used in the same products as cocoa liquid extract:

  • Milk-Based Chocolate Beverages
  • Mousses, Puddings, Chocolate Cheesecakes, & Other Dessert Items
  • Brownie & Cake Mixes
  • Ice Cream & Ice Cream Cakes
  • Alcoholic Beverage & Chocolate Liqueurs
  • Confectionary Candies
  • Chocolate Sauces

The main difference between cocoa liquid extract and chocolate liquid extract is the process used to create the item. The flavor can also be different, as chocolate liquid extract has the richer flavor of chocolate that is not for all palates.