As one of the most popular types of alcoholic beverages, and one that can be used in a multitude of different ways, the tequila industry is big.

When looking for ways to use the flavor of tequila – and to design new flavors for tequila products – flavorists have just as many options to choose from when they are looking to create something fresh, new, and exciting, or even if all they are looking to do is put a spin on an existing classic.

When it comes to creating flavored tequila, there are a host of options to explore. Among the most popular flavors to use in these products that have a bit of a tropical edge. Coconut is especially popular, as is lime. However, there are even unique flavors such as cinnamon and vanilla that can be used to create a flavored tequila product that will truly tingle the taste buds of more experimental buyers.

Flavorists looking for the highest quality flavor ingredients to create tantalizing tequilas need look no further. There are numerous different options available for creating great tequila, whether they are seeking a subtle hint of flavor or to create something big and bold.