Once the drink of the “everyman”, beer is now one of the most artistic (and often artisanal) alcoholic beverage choices available.

Craft brewers have taken the industry by storm – something that is easy to see when one simply looks at the numerous options available at bars and pubs these days.

The addition of new and exciting flavors to beer can create some truly special options. Among the most popular are fruit flavor additions. Citrus remains at the top when it comes to the types of fruit flavors that are most commonly found in beer, with sweet options such as orange and tart lemon available for the creation of enjoyable and refreshing beer options.

However, these are not the only options that are available. Inspired brewers can add everything from chocolate to pumpkin and honey to cream in order to create truly unique beers for their most discerning customers to sample. There are an incredible number of options available to brewers looking to add flavor to their beer, and as the market for these craft options widen the possibilities will only grow larger.