Soups & Sides

Using Sapphire’s flavor collection, you can easily add flavor to soups and sides without creating more work for yourself and your manufacturing process. Some popular additions to soups might include garlic, onion, and more. Get the flavors of these items without the usual work required. This is especially great for people who don’t like the texture of certain items but enjoy the flavor those items provide to a dish.

Many people do not enjoy the sensation of biting into a bit of onion when enjoying a soup, but there is no doubt that the soup would not have the same flavor they enjoy without onion. Sapphire’s flavor powders make it easy to add that onion flavor without the onion texture. A bit of spray dried extract can change up bread, chips, french fries, and more. Consider the possiblity of french fries that taste like garlic and parmesan without biting into a piece of garlic. Sapphire makes it possible to flavor anything the way you want.