While the traditional, smoky flavor of whiskey is like no other, flavored whiskey products can produce a new and unique product that is perfect for creating mixed drinks and in the production of other incredible foods and beverages.

The range of flavors that can be used to craft a whiskey is larger than on might think. From sweet maple flavors to balance out the smokiness of the whiskey to notes of honey, fruity flavors such as apple and even sharp, sweet citrus notes, the possibilities are endless. The tastes of spices such as cinnamon are a classic addition to whiskey, especially in the creation of seasonal variants. Even surprising notes such as chocolate or peach can be used to craft a one-of-a-kind whiskey product that will be sure to delight consumers. In addition to these key flavor notes, various other aromatic ingredients can be used to give a whiskey just the right taste.

Crafting a high quality, flavored whiskey product starts with the use of the best possible ingredients. These notes must work with the natural qualities of the whiskey, including the smoky tones and wood notes that make it special, in order to create a well-blended flavor experience.