Skin Care

Perhaps one of the most common skin care products that is usually scented is lotion, and it can come in many different aromas.

Although some prefer the simple fragrance of baby powder that many lotions have, most prefer the many beautiful floral, nutty, or fruity scents that lotions can come in. Some lotions come in fragrances that resemble baked goods. Like many personal care items, some of the items chosen to fragrant skin care have more than just a pleasant scent. They also serve a functional purpose as well.

Other skin care products like facial cleansers, exfoliants, facial treatments, and more also have special fragrances that serve a functional purpose. An exfoliant or facial cleanser with orange in it is designed not only to smell pleasing but also offer a light boost when starting the day. Facial cleansers with lavender are designed to help a person wash away the stresses of the day.