From red wine to white wine and everything in between – and that accounts for a number of different types – the number of flavors and notes that can go into wine is truly astounding.

While the grape and the woody flavor of the barrels that wines are aged in feature most prominently, it would be impossible to forget the innumerable fruity, smoky, and other key notes that go into the typical glass.

When looking to add flavor to wine in order to create a new product, the possibilities are endless. While fruit pairings are still among the most popular, some vineyards have begun producing specialty products – including wine mixed with chocolate in the bottle – in order to provide their customers with something truly special.

It goes both ways, and there are numerous ways in which the flavor of wine can be used to enhance other products. Wine goes with most everything from savory sauces to sweet dessert treats, in addition to some of the hottest and most delicious confectionary products on the market.