Fragrances for Women

Women’s fragrances can fall under a broad range of categories, depending on the notes that are used in their production and the style of the fragrance in question.

Various styles of women’s fragrances can include clean, green or herbal, Oriental, or the ever popular florals, which can utilize a single floral note or a full bouquet of floral aromas to create an incredible aroma. The design of single florals involves the domination of a single floral scent. Floral bouquet fine fragrances are made of many different flowers to create a combination of fragrances in one perfume. Chypre is another fragrance category, but this one is built off of a base of oakmos, labdanum, and bergamt. These fine perfumes can be created using many different types of flowers, including lilies, roses, honeysuckle, and so much more.