A type of Brandy that originated in France, cognac is a sophisticated alcoholic beverage with a distinctive and complex flavor profile.

Cognac is so unique, in fact, that its flavor is popular in the production of other goods, ranging from alcoholic beverages to desserts.

Making use of flavor ingredients to recreate the essence of cognac can be a delicious and cost-effective way to create some of the most incredible, sophisticated food items imaginable. Additionally, cognac notes can add incredible depth and body to any of a number of different types of sauces, meats, and other products. It pairs especially well with foods from the richer end of the spectrum – cheese-heavy dishes or those featuring sweet fruits such as pear are perfect complements for this incredible flavor.

Not only that, but cognac is an inspiring addition to numerous different types of chocolates and chocolate products, making it an essential for those creating high quality, artisan confectionary treats.