Unisex Fragrances

For many people, the fine fragrance industry is strictly divided into two groups – fragrances for men and fragrances for women. However, unisex fragrances are just as important within the industry, especially in the production of body care items such as soap and shampoo.

Creating unisex fragrances is not actually as challenging as it might seem, and Sapphire can help any client with the design of a unisex fragrance for their product line. There are two major steps in creating a fragrance that will appeal to both the sexes.

The first is identifying and staying clear of those fragrance notes that have a clear cultural tie to either women or men. These may include floral aromas and sweet, fruity aromas such as strawberry for women and strong, woody aromas and strong musks for men.

The next step is identifying those aromas that have universal appeal, and that may strongly contribute to the creation of a unisex fragrance. By combining those aromas with sweeter notes and those with more masculine notes, fragrance designers can produce an androgynous scent that can easily be enjoyed by both the sexes. For example, a citrus blend with cedar notes can make for a great, unisex fragrance that can be used in body sprays as well as in general body care products. This is just one of many great examples.