Trends in Scented Candles and Home Products

Trends in Scented Candles and Home Products

Fragrance products that are used within the home, such as scented candles, do not go in and out of fashion as quickly as other types of fragrance products, such as perfume. However, there are many trends within this industry, just as there are in any industry, and it is important for a perfumist who is working with these types of product to have a good handle on what these general trends might be.

At the moment, these trends are as diverse as the many types of fragrances that there are currently on the market. Buyers seem to be split between the comforts of home and flights of fantasy when it comes to the fragrances that they choose for their living spaces. That offers up a lot of excitement for perfumists, who have a lot of room to work in when it comes to creating scented candles and other types of scented home products, such as aerosol air fresheners and room deodorizers.

One of the top trends in the market at the moment is toward products that offer feelings of homey comfort. Often, these are the types of fragrances that one would expect to come straight out of the kitchen – scents such as baking cakes, pies, and cookies, scents such as lemon and faint herbal aromas that speak of freshness and home cooked meals. Numerous seasonal favorites such as gingerbread fall within this category, though it applies to year-round favorites such as coffee and cinnamon as well.

And of course, fruit aromas remain as popular as ever. However, the fruits that are trending are not necessarily those that one might expect. Some of the hottest choices in this area of the industry are delicious berry aromas and sensual black cherry. Citrus remains the top fruit aroma in this category, with apple following up in a close second. Fruit scented blends are not to be discounted, either – these aromas account for a large part of this area of the market.

Not to be outdone, floral aromas are also on-trend, with variations on classic favorites such as rose and lavender ranking very high among consumers. However, jasmine is increasing in popularity, along with other rare and exotic floral favorites. Also popular are combinations of floral aromas with those in the fruit category. Lavender and lemon verbena is an intoxicating and delicious aroma with a lot of presence – easy to see why it is such a favorite.

And last but not least, there are the aromas that are difficult to describe, and yet you somehow know them as soon as you experience them – aromas that are reminiscent of fresh ocean breezes and large, open woods. These fantasy aromas do not seek to capture any particular aroma, but rather seek to recreate the actual experiences that they are based on. It is easy to see why these aromas remain so popular, and why their popularity is increasing year after year. Any of these products can make for great scented home products.